Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sow A Seed In Mother Earth

Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden. ~Orson Scott Card

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

In 1943 20 million Americans planted a Victory Garden, today with high unemployment and the distance our food has to travel from farm to plate we can not only fight global warming but also supplement our food budgets.

Growing up, everyone in my neighborhood had a "kitchen garden". You don't need an acre of land or even a yard, container gardens can provide you with fresh veggies for your table. My little rooftop urban garden will be expanded this year. On St. Patrick's day I sowed Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, a gift from my daughter Racquel for my birthday. The little seeds have sprouted, this will be my first crop of the season from my garden. So watcha got growing ?

The farmers markets are another great source for local food. Just click on Local Harvest and find one in your area.


Lori Lynn said...

What pretty little leaves!
I'll be growing lots of herbs, very soon.

Lucy said...

Those little babies are so cute. As you know I just love the whole process of growing from seeds! Just as you, I can't wait to get dirty ;-)

OhioMom said...

Lori I am still jealous of your lovely little lemon tree :) Yep, herbs are definitely on my list.

Lucy .. aren't they ? The zucchini seeds you sent me are doing well :)

perennialgardener said...

I just love this lettuce, it grows so quickly & has a nice taste. Hope you enjoy it as well. :)

Claudia said...

Oh - some baby lettuce - perfect. I routinely keep an herb/vegetable garden - because how good is it? Great! I am doing all from seed this year - and we shall see. You're making me hungry for salad. Fresh salad.

Balisha said...

Did you sow the seeds in the ground or a pot? That's my favorite lettuce to grow.

janie said...

Black Seeded Simpson is great lettuce, and quick from planting to harvest!

You know, a lemon or Satsuma tree would be a nice addition to your rooftop garden. Both grow well AND PRODUCE WELL in containers. You can make a whole lemon pie with one Meyer's lemon!

Alas, I have just pulled the last of the lettuce. It had bolted in the last few days, as it has been very warm. I am pulling the blooms from the tops of onions and folding the tops over. I still have broccoli and Brussels sprouts, but I plan to share the sprouts with my friend and then they will be gone too.

In their place, I have little squash plants. I planted my green beans yesterday, and I am going to plant seeds of cucumber later today. I also have zuchinni growing and lots of nice tomato plants. All the tomatoes are blooming- I just cannot wait for ripe tomatoes!

And of course, DH has peppers! HOT peppers!


OhioMom said...

Racquel I was so excited to see my lettuce sprouting I just had to get a pic :)

Claudia I am doing from seed this year too, crossing my fingers :)

Balisha I sowed them directly in the pot that I planted my garlic in last year, I didn't want to transplant them later, they even survived our last little snow.

Janie, I will have to see if I can grow that in our zone. I knew you would have a fab veggie garden!
Melanie grew habanero peppers last year, boy did she get a lot from just two plants.

shambo said...

Isn't it funny how protective we get of our little seedlings? Yours sure look cute, and I admire your ambition in expanding your rooftop garden this year.

Last year I didn't grow anything because of back problems, but I've been going to physical therapy and feel much better. I'm still going to take it easy, though. I've got five raised beds, but I think I'll only plant in two of them this year. I'll be counting on you for inspiration!

Good luck with all your plans.

Elenka said...

Ohio Mom, you're back! Yeah !!!!!
It'll still be many weeks til I can put any seeds out into the ground, but I'm glad to see you've started! Ohio can't be THAT much warmer than Maine, can it?

Happy Easter to you!!!!


Grace said...

that's a terrific quote, and it's so appropriate. your lettuce is off to a good start, and i'm jealous! i have no land to my name. :)

OhioMom said...

Sue ... I picked up 5 more containers, and I have seeds sowing right now in a hot bed that I picked up at a discount store here for just $7 ... it is a Gardener's Delight Hotbed, my babies will be ready to go outdoors soon :)

Elenka .. depending on who you ask I am either Zone 5 or 6, but since lettuce is a cold weather crop it can be planted as early as March here.

Grace .. I have no land, just a bunch of containers on top of the garage roof :) Urban gardening ya know ?

******* said...

I was just saying this to someone. We need to bring back Victory gardens. I better get started on my little deck planters too! What a procrastinator I am! Love local harvest. Been using it for some time now :)

giz said...

I just love the earthy and practical way you look at life. It's a lesson for all of us. Now that I'm in a condo, I have only a reasonable patio but it'll be full of herbs this year. :)

OhioMom said...

Thanks Maryann .. I say "plant veggies, not grass" :)

Giz .. container gardens provide the luxury of no weeding :) I will have herbs also.