Sunday, September 2, 2007

Patterson Fruit Farm

A 6th generation family-owned farm, located in Geauga County, Patterson Fruit Farm has a wonderful selection of fresh picked veggies and fruits in season. We purchased our peaches here this summer and they were reminiscent of my childhood. Large and sweet and when you bit into them the juice just ran down your chin. Apples and Cider are available in the Fall, and we will be making another trip there. This is a market that our family has visited for well over 30 years.


mwmdesigns said...

Stores like this one are hard to find these days, and whenever I stumble upon one on my travels, I always stop and buy--usually too much! But who can resist the freshness of locally grown stuff?

OhioMom said...

We are so fortunate that we have several in NE Ohio. When my daughter walked in the door early in the morning the aroma of fresh-baked goods greeted us. This farm is a fun place to visit.