Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Market Report

Today was a great day at the Coit Road farmers market, this is some of my haul ....

I also picked up some more herb plants (basil, parsley) two heirloom tomato plants and pepper plants. I am going to join my daughter, "The Pepper Project", in starting a rooftop container garden. I will post pics as soon as I get everything planted up. Notice I snagged some Morel mushrooms today, farm fresh eggs (if you look close you can still see the chicken feather? Now those are fresh eggs :), dandelion greens, hoop house tomatoes and Amish cheese.

What else was available ?

Secor's Bedding plants-tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, flowers and
hanging baskets
Burton Floral Middlefield Cheese and Butter, Maple Syrup, Jelly and
Honey, Goat Fudge,
Woodworth local hoop house tomatoes
- these are beautiful!
Vegetable and Blooming Plants & Baskets available!

Spice Hound Fresh Spices
Lake Erie Creamery goat cheese
New vendor- Herban Ninjas- Fresh cut herbs

Chocolate Garden has mortarboard & diploma molds to order that special
graduation sweet treat! Also special for summer a Citrus Surprise
collection. New this week, peanut butter and chocolate treats, yummy!

Braxton Variety has perennial plants ready for you garden- hostas,
sedum, Snow-on-the- mountain, hens & chicks.

Fresh peppermint from Gloria's Garden

Spring Hours- Saturday 8am-1pm Wednesday 10am-1pm
www.coitmarket. org
Coit Road Farmer's Market is located at the corner of Coit & Woodworth
Road in East Cleveland


giz said...

Such fun and great photos. I love the rooftop herb garden idea.

OhioMom said...

Hi Giz

Thanks, I am excited ... I even planted peppers and tomatoes.

PGL said...

Love the fresh produce. I keep meaning to check out our local farmer's market. I will tomorrow!

OhioMom said...

Please do daughter :) Locally grown food taste better.