Friday, November 2, 2007

Farms and Foods of Ohio

Boulder Belt blog is one of my favorite reads, written by Lucy of Eaton, Ohio. She chronicles her life as a sustainable farmer and the local food movement.

Lucy's farm is featured in a new book written by Marilou Suszko, a culinary instructor at Laurel Run in Amherst and a free-lance food writer. ''Farms and Foods of Ohio: From Garden Gate to Dinner Plate", ''the book focuses on food grown close to home.

'It gets you thinking about locally grown food, who your farmer is and what they're doing for you,'' said Suszko.

When I visit my local farmers market, I have the opportunity to talk with the local farmers who provide the fresh-picked produce for my table.

Do you know your local farmer ? Do you buy locally grown ?

Willoughby Hills Apple Farm

Nick, Maple Valley Sugarbush & Farm

Farmer Jack

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